TCG Selected to Provide Public Engagement Support for the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County’s Climate Action Plan

The Clark Group, LLC has been selected by the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County (CEAC) to provide public engagement support for Addison County’s Climate Action Plan.

CEAC is a recently incorporated nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promoting a sustainable economy in Addison County through community awareness and actions.

CEAC’s Climate Action Plan will present goals and actions that can be taken locally to address the three biggest sources of Addison County’s GHG emissions: agriculture, transportation, and buildings (heating/cooling/lighting). In addition to presenting new goals and strategies, the Climate Action Plan will serve as a blueprint that will help guide, coordinate, and align ongoing climate efforts already taking place throughout Addison County.

This project is at the heart of TCG’s mission statement to advance solutions that recognize the compatibility of environmental protection and economic growth. Our team is excited to work with CEAC to engage Addison County residents and businesses in the development and implementation of their Climate Action Plan. Our collaborative goal is for the Climate Action Plan to be representative of Addison County by including community-supported actions that will reduce GHG emissions and support a long-term healthy economy.

If you are interested in getting involved or want to learn more about CEAC’s Climate Action Plan, visit their webpage:

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