Implementation of the 2018 Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act Compliance Requirements

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TCG is currently working with Energy Shrink, LLC to support the Public Service Commission of D.C. with the implementation of the Clean Energy Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 to assist them in assessing the impact of regulatory  proposals from gas and electric companies on global climate change and the District’s public climate commitments, including whether specific reporting requirements and metrics for greenhouse gas reduction and carbon footprint should be used.

Our team is reviewing public comments filed in response to a Notice of Inquiry on their analytical approach when considering the effects of a utility proposal on global climate change and D.C.’s climate commitments. We are also facilitating stakeholder meetings, reviewing stakeholder provided information and comparing approaches from other municipalities, and preparing an analysis of the proposed frameworks with recommendations on the proposals.

Our cost-benefit analysis framework, selection of metrics, and reporting requirements for utilities is intended to help D.C. meet emissions reductions to achieve climate change targets and goals set by the city.