Regulations and Policy Development and Implementation

The Clark Group has decades of experience assisting federal agencies in the development, review, and revision of regulations both as consultants and as former federal employees. By leveraging our unique combination of legal and scientific expertise, we are able to develop and implement regulations and policies with long lasting value and measurable outcomes that reduce administrative burdens while enabling agency staff, decision makers, and stakeholders to participate and collaborate in environmental planning processes for improved and efficient environmental programs.

We also provide senior-level advice, project management, and strategy to help our clients navigate internal agency regulatory requirements and gain buy-in from key stakeholders. We understand the difficulties and complexities involved in undertaking a major regulatory revision and are skilled in identifying and mitigating potential risks to our clients.

Our services include:

  • Development of new and revised regulations
  • Review of new and proposed legislation and regulations
  • Public comment analysis and response
  • Legal sufficiency reviews of required regulatory analyses
  • Analysis of final rules for potential impacts to existing projects
  • Drafting Memorandum of Understandings to support interagency compliance with regulations and policy
  • Development of environmental and regulatory guidance for agency programs and grant applicants

Sample Projects