EPA ENERGY STAR® Program for Commercial and Industrial Sectors

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ENERGY STAR Stakeholder Communication and Training

ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary EPA program within their Climate Protection Partnerships Division focused on stakeholder behavioral changes to improve energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR® partnership aims to help businesses and individuals save money and reduce GHG emissions through reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency and profitability.

TCG supported the EPA with the design and implementation of its ENERGY STAR® training program for commercial and industrial sectors to engage and inform users of the ENERGY STAR® Program and EPA’s Portfolio Manager energy savings tracker tool. Our work included developing and implementing a comprehensive communications campaign, video and logo development to improve branding, website design and enhancement, facilitation of hundreds of live training webinars with EPA experts, and communication material development for stakeholder engagement and training. We developed a variety of new communication and training materials such as partner case studies, handouts, posters, presentations, graphics, logos, flyers, brochures, infographics, sector-specific report templates, and a comprehensive communications toolkit.

TCG also developed a video series communicating the benefits of developing a corporate energy management program, targeted towards Industrial sector partners and stakeholders looking for more information on the benefits of corporate energy management. You can view one of the videos we created for the series below: