Lisa Mahoney


Lisa Mahoney is the President and Owner of The Clark Group.  Over the past twenty years, Ms. Mahoney has served as an environmental and communications expert in both the government and private sector.

As President of The Clark Group, she manages the company’s day to day operations and provides clients with expertise in environmental compliance, policy, regulatory development and communications. Her background as both an ecologist and attorney provides her with a unique understanding of and experience with how to develop and implement strategies for environmental compliance and stakeholder engagement on complex environmental issues.  Ms. Mahoney previously served as Chief of Environmental Programs for the Department of Homeland Security’s US-VISIT Program and as an agency representative to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. 

Early in her career, Ms. Mahoney worked for the Department of Justice as an environmental protection specialist. Ms. Mahoney serves on the Board of the Vermont River Conservancy and the Central Vermont Swim Club. She is also a member of internationally-focused environmental organizations such as the International Association for Impact Assessment and has served as NEPA Working Group Chair for the National Association of Environmental Professionals. Ms. Mahoney earned a Juris Doctor and Master’s Degree in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology at Tulane University. Ms. Mahoney lives in Vermont with her husband Peter, her two children, her dog Loki and her chickens. She loves to spend time in nature and enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations with her family.