KC Jones

Cultural Resources Specialist

KC Jones is a Cultural Resources Specialist located on the Front Range of Colorado. Dr. Jones’s expertise is in archaeological compliance and monitoring, paleoenvironmental modeling, human behavioral ecology, and science communication.

Prior to joining The Clark Group, she worked as a compliance archaeologist in multiple capacities – as a Principal Investigator in offshore geoarchaeological research, operations specialist and archaeobotanist, and field technician, crew chief, state site file technician, and technical writer at multiple Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firms. Dr. Jones has participated in Section 106 review and compliance, NEPA consultation, NRHP nominations, and integrated technical analyses.

Dr. Jones completed her B.A. and Ph.D. in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Georgia. Her doctoral research examined the intersection of available archaeological and environmental data for the terminal Pleistocene and early-middle Holocene southeastern United States to generate predictions about site locations and human behaviors over time. She lives in the Front Range of central Colorado with her husband and dogs, and in her spare time enjoys rock climbing, board games, and cooking.