Communications and Public Engagement

Strategic communication is an essential tool for effective public engagement. Our experts develop creative, compelling communication strategies and tools that advance collaborative projects, policies, and programs. We understand how to create comprehensive communications plans that raise awareness about projects and initiatives and deliver measurable results. From coordinating public community-wide events, to convening stakeholders on controversial issues, we have the experience and skills to ensure your public process is run smoothly. We understand the importance of everyone having a seat at the table and how to facilitate productive discourse that can be captured into actionable steps.

We regularly support applicants and stakeholders of government programs by providing technical assistance, outreach services, and communication materials development. We are a pre-qualified marketing vendor for the State of Vermont in the fields of broadcast/video, copywriting/editing, creative direction, and outreach/PR. We also have decades of experience in marketing and outreach and development of print and nonprint outreach materials such as logos, videos, webpages, graphics, webinars, and stakeholder engagement strategies to meet the communication needs of clients.

Our services include:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public outreach message development for policy and program initiatives and implementation
  • Facilitation of meetings, conferences, and other events
  • Communication material development for internal and external distribution
  • Website design and programming for information architecture and user interface

Sample Projects